CTC Calculations automatic in Excel Format

What is the importance of the automatic Salary Calculator, CTC?

As a scope of work, the HR and Payroll Professionals will have to issue Offer Letters, Appointment Letters, and Salary Appraisal Letters to their Employee.
What happens is, if you are not confident enough, or don't know how to assign Basic, HRA, LTA, Other Salary Allowance, Reimbursement heads, Gratuity, Statutory Bonus, Provident Fund, ESIC and what are its limits as per various act in India, then it may happen, excess or short payment to employees or either the statutory payment may go wrong.
With PayHR Excel CTC Salary Calculator, you will have do initial settings like 'Yes/No', Is PF, ESIC and other compliance applicable for my organisation, and later on just enter annual Salary amount(CTC), you will get 'Readymade Salary Annexure.

How 'PayHR Salary Calculator' will help you?

1. All the Salary Components as per various Labour rules and Income Tax act is included in this Excel Salary Calculator,
2. PF Calculation is based on Basic, or On all allowance, or Excluding HRA. Also, you can set a PF wage ceiling of Rs.15,000/-
3. ESIC Calculation is based on the latest rate, with the flexibility to change ESIC percentage for 'Newly unexempted areas
4. Option to set Reimbursement Components with fixed limits to the various salary ranges.
5. Option to include Variable Bonus, PLI amount, or any Onetime amount payable to your employees with CTC.
6. Choice to activate PF, ESIC, Gratuity, Statutory Bonus, Professional Tax, Reimbursement.
7. Finally you need a Salary Annexure which is generated on a Separate Sheet -"Salary Annexure"
8. For immediate support, links to various HR tools and Statutory Acts are available in this Excel file.

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