Take Home Salary Calculator India

PayHR Online CTC salary calculator is a powerful tool that enables HR and Payroll Accountants to calculate the net salary of employees based on their agreed Cost-to-Company (CTC). This tool is easy to use and helps to simplify the salary calculation process. In this article, we will discuss how to use the PayHR Online CTC salary calculator and its benefits.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use the PayHR Online CTC Salary Calculator:

1. Enter the Annual Income (CTC Amount): Start by entering the annual salary amounts in the designated fields. This includes basic salary, HRA, LTA, special allowance, and other allowances.
2. Select Compliance Settings: Next, select the compliance settings as per your establishment's applicability. The compliance settings include Provident Fund, ESI, Professional tax, and Income tax. Select the relevant options based on your company's policies.
3. View Salary Structure Calculation: After entering the necessary information, scroll down to view the salary structure calculation based on the details provided by you. The salary structure calculation will display the gross salary, deductions, and net salary
4. Bookmark the Page: Once you have calculated the net salary, bookmark the page for your regular use.

CTC Calculated is as follows:

Below salary amount is calculated based on the above amount and setting entered by you. If there is any change in limits, then you can make changes in below limits to get desired CTC amount by clicking on "Recalculate" button

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Fixed Allowance Type Monthly.Amt_ Yearly.Amt_ Limits/Wages
Basic Salary Fully Taxable %
Hour Rent Allowance Tax Exempt %
LTA Allowance Tax Exempt %
Other Allowance Fully Taxable Balance
Total Gross Salary
PF employer contribution Employer rate 12%
ESIC employer contribution Employer rate 3.25%
Gratuity employer contribution Gratuity rate 4.81%
Statutory Bonus Bonus rate 8.33%
Total CTC
PLI/Bonus/Variable Pay Performance Pay
Total CTC(Including Variable)
PF employee contribution Employee rate 12%
ESIC employee contribution Employee rate 0.75%
Profesional Tax
Net take Home

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