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Importance of HR Documents?

The documents which is maintained by HR (Human Resource Department) is very important for any Establishment. This documents acts as proof of records of all the official activities which is taken place between employee and employer. This documents should be maintained in soft or either in a hard copies as required by law of the country. In today’s dynamic business world you need to file and archive all the official documents. These HR documents will be handy in the future or in unforeseen circumstances.

All HR documents need to be maintained with the utmost care because they act as a evidency of important activities and events. The foundation of a success of any organisation is an efficient documentation process and maintenance.

What all documents are important for any establishment in India?
  • Employee HandBook & Policies
  • Employer Compliance's check list
  • Job Description Letter
  • Appointment Letter
  • Employee Joining Kit
  • Employee mandatory Database
  • Performance Evaluation Tracker
  • Increment & Appraisal Letter
  • Salary Sheet & Payslip files
  • Exit & Separation Policies
  • Full and Final Settlement statements
  • Relieving & Experience Letter

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