How PayHR assist you...!

Key Features

PayHR provides one of the best online tools that will help HR and Payroll professional in their Day-to-Day work

Tax Calculator 2024-2025

The tax calculator provides a comparison of both Tax Regime with revised surcharge and marginal relief. Enter your details here, know which tax regime is best suitable for you...!

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Excel CTC Calculator

This is a golden tool for every HR. Download the Excel template and for onetime freeze your companies setting. Next, it just enters new or revised CTC, you will get readymade salary annexure...!

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Professional Tax

What is Professional Tax and to which state its applicable in India. You will get the latest slabs and rates here. When to pay and file professional tax returns in each state with due dates...!

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Labour Welfare Fund

What is the Labour Welfare Fund and to which state it's applicable in India? You will get the latest rates with PayHR. When to pay the Labour Welfare Fund amount in each state with due dates...!

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